Our Factory – 86 Years of Craftsmanship

We have been making clothes for over 160 years. For nearly half of that, we were based in Nottingham but in 1937 we moved a few miles away to Long Eaton. We haven’t moved since.

During the 86 years we’ve been here, the fashion industry has changed beyond recognition. Britain’s once-booming textile industry has all but disappeared. Thanks to globalisation and technological advances, vast operations began churning out millions of cheaply made clothes in the Far East. At first, British factories struggled to compete, then they closed for good. 

Our Long Eaton factory remained resolute. Pushing open the heavy doors today, the thrum of sewing machines still rings loud. Every single one of our Classic T-shirts is still made here. Against all the odds, our factory has not only survived but is thriving. 

The reason is simple. The skills and expertise of our craftspeople are exceptional. The training takes months to master and several of our employees have worked here for well over a decade. In March this year, one member, Kim, celebrated 25 years of working with us, and others come from families who’ve been here for generations. Their uncompromising attention to detail means every T-shirt is perfect. 

The final product is truly unique. Made entirely by hand, each is a work of craftsmanship that reflects the factory’s proud legacy. There is no place like our Long Eaton factory, and there is no T-shirt like the Sunspel Classic T-shirt.