Summer Prints – Katie Scott

Sunspel unveils a new print to adorn its high summer collection. This year, we have worked with British botanical artist Katie Scott.

Katie Scott is known for her detailed botanical art. Her intricate drawings of flora and fauna bridge the gap between scientific study and artistic expression and have led to work with all manner of brands, from Nike to Soho House and the Norwegian Medical Journal. The two prints she created for us offer a novel perspective on the manufacturing journey of a Sunspel icon – the Classic T-shirt.
The prints are an exploration of the natural world, drawing inspiration from the distinct arid flora of California, where Sunspel’s Supima cotton is grown, and the lush greenery around Long Eaton, England, where each Classic T-shirt is handmade.



Sunspel and Scott collaborated to select the plants for each print, merging research from both parties. The process ensured a balanced and aesthetically pleasing composition, emphasizing the variety in shape and texture found within each ecosystem. English oak, iris, cup maidenhair fern, and bracken feature prominently in the Long Eaton print, its softer lines reflecting Britain’s wet and verdant nature. The California pattern meanwhile displays an intricate depiction of the California poppy and a cotton plant, the drier flora contrasting neatly with its English equivalent.

Scott's creative process intertwines digital planning with traditional hand drawing, allowing for an emphasis on detail and authenticity. The final colour choices for the prints, a harmonious blend of greeny-grey, and black-grey, were selected to complement the natural themes of the designs.



The prints are available on a range of high-summer styles. For menswear, they are found on our luxuriously light, breathable cotton camp collar shirts and a matching swim short. For womenswear, the California print adorns a beautiful pair of silk drawstring trousers. Finally, they both feature on the Classic T-shirt itself – grown in California and handmade in Long Eaton.