Why the Loopback is Perfect for Yoga with Naomi Annand

Versatile, comfortable and effortless the wear, our loopback collection is perfect for many things, including yoga. Here’s why.

When it comes to versatile casualwear, our cotton Loopback collection is perfect. It’s comfortable enough for exercising yet timeless and elegant enough for wearing out of the house too. Today we have a range of styles, both tops and bottoms, which are based on the original sweatshirt first introduced to our collection by legendary designer Jonathon Anderson.

The key to the collection’s success is the cotton loopback fabric. With soft cotton loops on the inside, it wicks moisture from the body making it ideal for working out, and when not exercising it holds heat keeping you nice and warm. The outside meanwhile has a beautifully soft, peachy feel and each is made with care and attention to detail meaning they last a long time too, through years of wash and wear.

One particular fan is Yoga teacher and author Naomi Annand. She’s written two books on yoga, Yoga: A Manual for Life and Yoga for Motherhood and loves wearing our loopback collection. We asked her what makes it so good for yoga.


I notice you do compassion-based Vinyasa. Could you tell me a little about it and what makes it different from other forms of yoga?

The practice of yoga is about so much more than poses. When I teach, I like to foreground compassion (for the self and for others) as this constantly encourages the student to ask what’s important to them. You can do this using meditation and very gentle breath-led movement so it’s generally a more accessible approach to teaching yoga, something that’s always been important to me. I think my focus on self-kindness is in response to my hyper-disciplined ballet training from childhood. Transitioning from dancing with the Royal Ballet to now teaching all kinds of bodies gives me a quite a unique lens and appreciation.


When did you first come across Sunspel and what do you like about the loopback collection?

Via my boyfriend, now husband. He wore the loopback sweaters and I often found myself borrowing one to wear home. I’m 5ft 3 and he’s 6ft 2 so they were over-sized and I love that.

The loopback tracksuits are just perfect for yoga. They're easy to move in and super soft and comfortable on your skin, which makes them ideal for when you're practising restorative sequences. Crucially, you can wear them out and about too: there are plenty of days where I dash straight from a class into a meeting or out for dinner and I love not feeling like I'm in gym wear.


What qualities do you look for in good yoga wear?

I like to wear clothes that feel good. I’m more of a tracksuit girl than a leggings person and I like to buy products that will last. The loopback is both of those things!


How would you describe your personal style when you’re not doing yoga?

I love to feel cosy so loose-fitting cotton or linen shirts, utility-style jackets. I think I’d describe my style as relaxed and understated.


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